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    [News & Release] Latest Update of Jumpy Dumpty Mugs, OST Bundle, and Rex Lapis Plush Reply
    From Topic: Genshin Impact Only Author
    Aether Lv127 Author 10-1-2021 04:11:47

    Hello, fellow travelers!

    Time flies, Genshin Impact has been with us for one year, and it is almost a year since ACG Go has brought genuine peripherals and merchandising to travelers.  In addition, to celebrate the first anniversary rewards in the game, we also bring the celebration of the first anniversary by giving back giveaways and discounts to our members.

    (Cling-Clang~) We are launching one of the newly released products as the same time as China, Yuheng of Liyue Qixing, Keqing's 1/7 static figure.

    The badges and standees of the characters who you met in Inazuma. There are also Diona, Beidou, Bennett, and Xiao's 「The Day of Destiny」birthday sets.

    Many slime products are incoming! Participate in Community Events, Twitter retweet events, and get free giveaways of any character badges and standees, Paimon’s figures, etc.! For more details, please click here to view.

    Next, we will explain some of the pre-order products that you have questions about one by one, and we will finish all unresolved forum cases very soon.

    1. Jumpy Dumpty Mugs

    We are truly sorry that the estimated shipping time of the product has been again delayed to October 2021. We can totally understand the feeling of waiting for all travelers, so after being requested by the copyright owner, we got some mugs that are still also out of stock in China during this time. This batch of products was sent from China in August. In fact, the cargo ship carrying more than 500 mugs arrived at the Port of Los Angeles on September 14. However, due to the congestion at the port, but they only started to unload the products from the ship on September 29, which is today. Then, it will pass through the customs clearance, and be picked up by FedEx from the cabinet, finally will forward to the ACG Go warehouse. After that, we will send it to all travelers, so please wait for a while. This batch of all mugs will be shipped out in October, thank you!

    2. The City of Winds Idylls OST Limited Edition Bundle

    The City of Winds Idylls Limited Edition bundles were officially released to pre-sale in April in China. And the copyright owner actually sent the products to China’s warehouse in August. However, due to policy reasons, the United States port and customs clearance department limits the import of digital media products recently. We had to discuss with our freight carrier to solve the problem. In order for our customers to receive the products faster, we contacted the carrier and proposed a solution. The products will be sent to the ACG Go warehouse in another expedited way with a highly increasing shipping cost, but we will not charge additional fees to all travelers. Please wait be patient.

    It is expected that by the end of October, all travelers will receive the ordered OST products.

    3. The Rex Lapis Plush Toy

    The Rex Lapis Plush Toy was officially released in May and is expected to be completed from the factory in July. However, we did not receive any notice from the copyright owner about the product. The products were delayed and are still in production so we are still waiting for them.

    We have received feedback from travelers that some stores will ship it in July, but in fact, the travelers in China have not received any Rex Lapis Plush Toy until August, and the official Genshin Impact store in China said it is still not in-stocked. The current in-stocked Rex Lapis plush toys selling on the Intent MUST BE FAKE PRODUCTS.

    Here, we would like to remind all travelers to pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting tag after received the product if you purchased it from other unofficial websites.

    Many travelers purchased both Rex Lapis Plush Toy dolls and Monoceros Caeli Plush Toy together. Most travelers who ordered before August should have also received the Monoceros Caeli Plush Toy. As the Rex Lapis Plush Toy hasn't arrived yet, we put the anti-counterfeiting tag of the Monoceros Caeli Plush Toy here for your convenience.

    After the copyright owner's notice is sent to us, the Rex Lapis Plush Toy will be sent to all travelers as soon as possible.

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