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    [Pending] Anyone actually gotten a shipping notification for the Rex Lapis? Reply
    From Topic: Order Issue Only Author
    Minty Lv1 Author 11-27-2021 16:10:53
    I ordered at the beginning of June, so I'm assuming I'm part of the first batch of orders, and yet it's nearly the end of November and there have been no updates whatsoever on the Rex Lapis plush. Does anyone actually know that they're part of the first batch, or is that just them trying to delay it again?
    My order is #2037578792 I would really appreciate an update on the status of my order.
    We are sorry for the delay, we now have two waves of order shipping from China, you are in the first wave, your product is now at the port. The port is having delay and we still don't have your goods yet. We will keep asking about why is the delay happening and keep you up to date too.
    11-27-2021 20:00:05 Reply
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    Minty Lv 1

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