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    [Resolved] Package Reply
    From Topic: Order Issue Only Author
    Katsu Lv1 Author 8-27-2021 10:59:35
    I ordered my package almost a month ago and it’s not here. Please give me an update

    Hello Katsu,

    Thank you for contacting us, we would like to help with your question today. Your Jumpy Dumpty Mug is currently still in the Pre-Order Stage. It shows the Estimated Shipping Date is in August. Once your order is shipped you will receive a shipping email at the same time.  

    All of our mugs, in total, will arrive in two shipments. The first batch of 100 is already in the port of Los Angeles, and the second batch will have hundreds in stock and is currently onboard a freighter from China to the US. Depending on when you place your order, your mug will not be shipped until after the second shipment is received, as the previous 100 were pre-ordered several months ago already.

    Another thing I wanted to confirm with you is that our estimated shipping date is based on the time of departure of the freighter from China. However, the current worker shortage and strike at the US port of Los Angeles has prevented the cargo from being unloaded and cleared properly upon arrival in Los Angeles. It will most likely be delayed until late August or early September before it reaches our warehouse.

    We want to introduce more situation about it, for now, all Mugs were produced out of the factory already for a long time. However, the goods need to wait for getting loading on the ship, but if Los Angeles does not unload the current ship in LA, the next ship cannot depart because of the traffic jam. Here are more resources, you can learn about the issue from the links below:
    Please let us know if you have any questions about it at any time, thank you!

    Best regards,
    ACG Go Team
    Anime, Comics, Game Go!
    8-27-2021 11:00:17 Reply

    Anime, Comics, Game Go!
    8-27-2021 11:00:45 Reply
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    Katsu Lv 1

    Lazy bone, nothing existed. _(:3」∠)_

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