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    [Resolved] Can I have an order update? Reply
    From Topic: Order Issue Only Author
    Lysphere Lv1 Author 8-27-2021 11:11:43
    Hi, my order number is 1351769831. I posted here 21 days ago and was told that 2/3 of my items would be sent that following Monday. Have they been sent out to me yet? Is the third item (the Klee mug) still being held up at the port? Thank you.

    Hello Lysphere,

    We checked your package and we found the shipping information was wrong so it was returned by the postal office. We resent the package, and a confirmation email already sent to your email includes the tracking number.

    Feel free to contact us if the shipping status is still wrong.


    Best wishes,
    ACG Go Team
    Anime, Comics, Game Go!
    8-27-2021 11:12:07 Reply
    Lysphere Lv1 Author 2ND

    I haven't received any emails from ACG recently. I checked all of my email folders, including my spam folder, and there was nothing there.
    8-27-2021 11:12:28 Reply
    Lysphere Lv1 Author 3RD

    I still don't have any emails from you and I still need an answer to this. Thanks.
    8-27-2021 11:12:45 Reply
    Himeko Lv127 5#
    Hello, @Lysphere
    We have checked your order #1351769831. Your 3 items shipped via UPS 1ZX9666V6792867623. This package delivered on Monday, August 16 at 4:20 P.M.
    You can continue to ask us if you have any questions.

    Best wishes,
    ACG Go Team

    Anime, Comics, Game Go!
    8-31-2021 06:17:18 Reply
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    Lysphere Lv 1

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