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    [Answered] Add an item to my existing order Reply
    From Topic: Product Inquiry Only Author
    ChaCha Lv1 Author 8-27-2021 11:17:38
    Awhile ago I ordered the Genshin Rex Lapis plush. I was wondering if it would be possible to add the Childe Monoceros Caeli plush to that same order (so I don't have to pay for shipping twice, tho I understand that the shipping will likely be more expensive with the added plush).

    Hello ChaCha!
    Sorry, we cannot add new products to the order.
    You can get a new order if you want a new product.

    Best Wishes,
    ACG Go Team
    Anime, Comics, Game Go!
    9-1-2021 10:42:55 Reply
    7-19-2023 00:38:02 Reply
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    ChaCha Lv 1

    Lazy bone, nothing existed. _(:3」∠)_

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