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    [Resolved] The Current Batch of Products Arrived at Los Angeles Got Delayed Again! Reply
    From Topic: Order Issue Only Author
    Himeko Lv127 Author 8-27-2021 11:27:49
    Hello ACG Go customers,

    We are so sorry to publish this notice for every customer who may be affected. Here is an announcement of the second delay we had with the shipment right now, the affected products are the batch of products that already arrived in Los Angeles port in July.

    The product has now passed the Customs Clearance's check, but due to the insufficient workers at the port in LA, California. The Port of Los Angeles has decided to close to address the lack of workers. We're not sure why closing the port would solve the labor shortage, but in any case, that's the latest response the port has given to us so far.

    It will be opened once they received a future notice. The goods are now unable to be picked up by local FedEx since they cannot enter the port. We are expecting a delay and the opening time of the port remains undetermined.

    The referenced image below is the communication email between FedEx and us for your convenience and further information.

    For future detailed shipping details and schedules, please refer to our shipping schedule, this is a useful tool for each customer to check the shipping delay and latest info.

    Here is the list of products that got affected below, you also can find them in the Shipping Shedule:Hope the port can be opened by the government soon, and the products can be shipped soon.

    Best regards,
    ACG Go Team
    July 23, 2021

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    Are there any updates??
    8-27-2021 11:28:49 Reply
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    Himeko Lv 127

    Anime, Comics, Game Go!

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