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    Understanding Inventory Supply And Turn Times Before You Pick A US Supplier Reply
    From Topic: Neon Genesis Evangelion Only Author
    soyeb66 Lv1 Author 10-4-2023 01:51:14
    Before you pick a US dropshipping supplier, one of the most important factors in deciding which supplier to use is how much inventory they have available at any time as well as how quickly they can turn out new inventory as it begins to run low. Smaller suppliers may have a lot of inventory available but may not have the resources to manufacture new inventory as fast, so it’s important to know how quickly they can turn out new inventory. After all, if you start selling a product fast, it’s only as good as your supplier can keep at volume. If you sell out the inventory, and it takes several weeks for the supplier to get new inventory, then you can’t grow and scale.
    Not only that, but once you start selling fast, it can draw the attention of other sellers. Your supplier may now need to start supplying multiple sellers at once to try to capitalize on the same hot product which leads to faster inventory sellouts. With many Chinese suppliers being small fly-by-night operations, they tend to jump on hot product trends, and they’re easily affected negatively by quick product sellouts and long inventory turn times… on top of the long shipping times. That doesn’t mean US companies won’t have that same issue, so you just need to be aware of it and do your due diligence to limit the possibility. With all that said… What makes a great asia mobile number list US-Based supplier? Just as with any supplier, you need to do your due diligence and research. Once you find your winning product, the regular factors you need to review should be the same for all potential suppliers regardless of where they are located. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to validate a great US dropshipping supplier: Trust / Feedback: What kinds of feedback have you found in your searches? Are they listed on the Better Business Bureau, Yelp or any other review sites? Are they part of any professional associations that list feedback or that can be reached to get feedback? Communication: When you reach out to them (and you must reach out to every supplier prior to doing business), do they respond promptly and professionally? Are they able to answer your questions accurately and thoroughly? Shipping Cost and Time: Do they have the ability to dropship on your behalf, with your company info.

    Do they make it clear and easy to include accurate shipping costs? Do they ship out items quickly once an order is placed? Do they offer shipment tracking? Does their system integrate with your dropshipping automation app so everything can be handled automatically? Inventory Turn Time: How much inventory do they carry at any given time? How quickly can they replenish their inventory should you start selling their products fast? How much demand can they truly handle without ever running out of inventory? Additional Fees: Do they require any additional fees to work with them? Do they require minimum sales amounts to do business with them? Do they charge extra for any dropshipping services such as packing, labeling, and inventory? Returns, Refunds and Defects: How do they handle product returns? How do they handle refund requests? How do they handle product defects and/or product quality concerns? Now that you know what makes a great US supplier, where do I find them? This is the exciting part…

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