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    [Resolved] About the City of Winds and Idylls OST Limited Edition Bundle Reply
    From Topic: Order Issue Only Author
    Venti Oshi Lv1 Author 8-27-2021 11:43:12
    Hello, I noticed that your website still has a pre order available for the city of wind OST limited edition bundle with special Venti merchandise.

    I want to double check if this merchandise is truly available as you have marked on your website, and if it really comes with the Venti plushie, badge, canvas board, and Lyre accessory. I have been looking for this merchandise everywhere since I got into Genshin after this merchandise’s pre order was over so if you really have this available I really would like one.

    I also want to know the estimated time it would arrive if it is available. I noticed a lot of this discussion has questions and worries about their packages and I’m worried that if I order, it may never arrive. I would like full details if possible, since you have permission from miHoYo to sell merch and I would like to support your company as much as I can.
    Venti Oshi Lv1 Author 1ST
    I ordered the limited edition OST today so I will update here if I received it or not! I decided to take my chances since Venti is my favorite character and I missed the pre order period. This website states that they will be shipped October, and I also know some other companies that have pre ordered these saying that the OSTs have been shipped from China to them recently.

    I will update and post a picture here when I recieve it because I know everyone is in the same page. We’re all scared and desperate to recieve our packages.
    8-27-2021 11:43:29 Reply
    Mhm, on the front page it says to be shipped in October, but on the product info in September. We'll just have to be patient. I'll also update somewhere here on the community once mine arrives
    8-27-2021 11:44:12 Reply
    Same here! I ordered despite the risk cus I love Venti, but also would like to know this is a site I can use in the future~ Here's to hoping it goes well!
    @demid i only saw it say September, where abouts did it say October for you if you dont mind me asking?
    8-27-2021 11:44:49 Reply
    Venti Oshi Lv1 Author 5#
    @marcpiz it says October on the shop homepage!! It’s shown as a picture update ^^ And omg we’re on the same page! I ordered despite the risk too. I was skeptical but then when I saw a company post that they were shipped from China a few days ago, I decided to take my chances.
    8-27-2021 11:45:31 Reply
    @marcpiz What @venti_oshi said! ^^

    Guessing it'll arrive sometime in september though, as the product info seems to be more recently updated than the home page. Other preorder merch also arrives that month, so fingers crossed! ☆

    @venti_oshi what company said they were shipped from China a couple of days ago?? :O
    8-27-2021 11:46:19 Reply
    Thank you for creating this topic. I decided to take the risk and ordered as well. Hopefully we all receive it soon.
    8-27-2021 11:47:02 Reply
    @demid finger crossed indeed! And yes, ill risk anything for him haha. thank you for telling me!
    8-27-2021 11:47:40 Reply
    Venti Oshi Lv1 Author 9#
    @demid They’re not a corporation, but they’re like a one person “company” that orders merch for people from China, Japan, and Korea! They’re located in Philippines and they actually received the OSTs from China already and they posted a picture of it and I’m crossing my fingers hoping that I will get mine from ACG-GO soon! Apparently they weight 2 KG omg

    The person I’m talking about doesn’t have any extras (since they order for people) so I decided to take my chances on this website since I started Genshin in July and missed the pre-order period rip…
    8-27-2021 11:53:21 Reply
    Venti Oshi Lv1 Author 10#
    @littletao np!! I hope we all safely receive our OSTs soon!! Someone in Philippines has already received theirs so I’m hoping we will receive ours soon! It depends on how long it takes for ACG-GO to ship the product when they receive it
    8-27-2021 11:53:42 Reply
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