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    Epoxy Adhesive Market Is Set To Touch $13,483.9 Million by 2030 Reply
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    PramodKmar Lv1 Author 11-7-2023 01:45:43
    Copolymers, such as epoxy adhesives, are created by combining a hardener with a resin. Epoxy adhesives are the most popular structural adhesives because of their exceptional qualities, including great strength, the ability to attach to a broad range of materials, and chemical and environmental resistance.

    These adhesives can be found in a variety of systems, including one-component, heat-curing, and two-component, room-temperature systems. As per a report by P&S Intelligence, by 2030, it is predicted that the epoxy adhesive market will hit $13,483.9 million.

    The market's major end consumer of epoxy adhesives is the building and construction industry. As a result, the category produced the most income. This is explained by the adhesives' adaptability in construction and building-related applications.

    These adhesives may be applied to a variety of surfaces, including plywood, gypsum drywall, metal, wood, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, cellular PVC, and bricks. They can also be used to fill gaps, repair surfaces, laminate, and laminate.

    The market for these adhesives is advancing at a CAGR of over 6%, driven mostly by the soaring demand for them in the automotive and transportation sectors for structural bonding applications.

    Owing to the heat- and weather-resistant qualities and stiff bonding capability, which contributes to improving the structural integrity of cars, automakers are drawn to these adhesives. Consequently, the demand for epoxy-based adhesives is anticipated to increase in the approaching years along with the rising demand for automobiles.

    One-Component Type Contributes Most to Revenue

    Due to its excellent qualities, including a short cure time and a solvent-free composition, the one-component category led the epoxy adhesive industry.
    Additionally, one-component adhesives are perfect for use in assembly lines because, as two-component adhesives, mixing is not necessary, simplifying and streamlining the production process.

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