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    [Answered] Genshin Impact City of Winds and Idylls OST Limited Edition Bundle question Reply
    From Topic: Product Inquiry Only Author
    Jose Mateo Torr Lv1 Author 8-27-2021 12:03:22
    I am just wondering if the special version of the Genshin Impact City of Winds and Idylls OST Limited Edition Bundle is still available for pre order. If so, I would be happy to pre order from your website. Thank you

    Hello Jose!

    Thank you for asking questions on ACG Go Community. I am so glad to assist with your question about the OST Limited Bundle.

    At this time, the Genshin Impact City of Winds and Idylls OST limited Edition Bundle is still available for pre-ordering. As of now, there are still about 10 available bundles to order.
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    8-27-2021 12:04:01 Reply
    Hello, could I please get an update on the number of available bundles to order as of today? Thank you!
    8-27-2021 12:05:04 Reply
    @acg_go have you been updating how much is available? It says “100 boxes available” in the description and I’m concerned if I’m going to receive mine or not since the numbers hasn’t been updated. There’s no “sold out” shown either. If there was only 10 bundles left, I’m concerned if I’m inside the 10 bundles left since I ordered my OST like a few days ago.

    Please respond soon!!
    8-27-2021 12:06:01 Reply
    @venti_oshi Hoy crap I DID NOT see this.... I ordered 26th July... so I suppose make that 9 at the very most but oh gosh... I think I read at one point that their system is automatic and will close preorders when there are no more but lol my memory isn't the best

    Yes, @acg_go please respond soon!
    8-27-2021 12:07:11 Reply
    @marcpiz I hope we both get one omg! I went to the limited edition OST page and pressed the + button as much as it goes and it stopped at 13 so I’m guessing that they have 13 left…? But that makes no sense since a month ago they stated here that they only have 10 bundles left,,, I hope they respond soon
    8-27-2021 12:07:29 Reply
    @venti_oshi Oh gosh... i mean they said about 10... perhaps they were rounding down? idk, but yes, fingers crossed! I'd be so heart broken to have my order cancelled~
    8-27-2021 12:07:52 Reply
    @venti_oshi I tried the day you commented this, and the limit was indeed 13. Today it seems to allow you to order 33 max-
    8-27-2021 12:08:41 Reply
    @demid omg I was like WHAT!? When I read that and I just went to the website and press the + button but it stopped at 12. Can you try again?
    8-27-2021 12:08:57 Reply
    @venti_oshi ah! I tried again and 12 is now the limit...
    8-27-2021 12:09:14 Reply
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