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    [News & Release] [8/11] Latest Updates & News, A New Batch Arriving Soon! Reply
    From Topic: Genshin Impact Only Author
    Himeko Lv127 Author 8-29-2021 22:48:42
    Hello customer,

    We received a batch of products for 368 orders last Friday, (8/5). And another batch is arrived in Los Angeles and will be delivered to our office within 7 days.

    Our team let all employees help with the packaging and stocks now, that's why there is no person responsible for answering questions since last week. Most packages are almost finished by today, we will reply to all concerns and issues very soon.

    Some quick updates:
    • Some packages have been sent already, if your package is sent, you will receive an email notification at the same time.
    • Orders of 150 customers who first bought Jumpy Dumpty mugs have been sent.
    • Guoba ramen bowls are already in Los Angeles, our staff will ship Guoba ramen bowls next week.
    • Some customers will receive private mails this weekend, because some customers provided incorrect delivery addresses or missing mobile phone numbers, making it impossible for shipping to be delivered.
    • There are also some customers whose actual shipping costs are too high. We will wait for all the products to be completed before sending them together. Email notifications will also be sent to these customers this weekend.
    • New products of this month: Keqing keyboard, Diluc, and Klee T-shirts have not yet been published on the website. If you need to make a reservation, you can wait patiently. We will arrange a new pre-order later.
    • We have some exclusive news, miHoYo also has some undisclosed new products, we will reveal the news on Twitter for the first time, so stay tuned!

    Thank you for your patience! We will get back to you guys soon! ♥
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    Hello! I was wondering when my order will be delivered?
    8-29-2021 23:31:51 Reply
    I am interested in placing an order for 6 badges. The shipping cost is almost $16. Is this right? Why is it so high? 6 pins can't weigh more than 6 ounces. Please help!
    8-29-2021 23:33:51 Reply
    10-21-2023 18:13:00 Reply
    10-21-2023 18:14:03 Reply
    11-7-2023 13:23:33 Reply
    11-7-2023 13:24:35 Reply
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    Himeko Lv 127

    Anime, Comics, Game Go!

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