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    [News & Release] [8/21/2021 UPDATED] Frequent Customer Q&A List; 2021 COUPON Code Included Reply
    From Topic: Genshin Impact Only Author
    Himeko Lv127 Author 8-29-2021 22:57:04
    Dear Travelers,

    Hello, we are the operating team of ACG Go LLC. For all traveler's frequent questions, here is the Frequent Q&A list.

    Why are there a lot of products still in the pre-order stage?

    Due to the COVID-19 impact, the factory production efficiency was decreasingly reduced. The international shipping cycle is being stretched longer. Over the past few months, we have been receiving orders from miHoYo for Genshin peripherals including Jumpy Dumpty Mugsand Guoba Ramen Bowls. Because of the limited number of orders per batch, some of the products will be opened directly for pre-sale in the next batch and will be shipped according to the order upon arrival at the ACG Go warehouse.

    Why are the pre-order timelines are extended longer than before?

    Our Estimated Shipping Dates = miHoYo ProductionDate + International Freight Shipping Length. However, due to the COVID-19, the work efficiency of the ports is very low at this point. The ports lack labor for a long time, there are only a few people who would like to work so all ships are stuck at the LA’s port, that’s why all products will be delayed a very long time.
    In June, we spent a whole month (30-day) waiting for LosAngeles ports to unload products and do the customs and clearance, then we received the batch of products. In August, we already have had a batch of products in LA, but it is still waiting for clearance. There is another batch of products located in China, which are ready for the next ship’s departure. (The ship cannot depart because the last ship was not unloaded and left from Los Angeles.) More batches are still on the way, please let all travelers wait for them inpatient.

    When can my ordered items be shipped?

    All pre-order products will be shipped one by one according to the order dates. All in-stocked products can be shipped within 7 days. If we are experiencing a lot of orders that can be shipped at the same time, we will try our best to keep working on packaging and shipping, please wait to be inpatient for some days. Thanks!

    Why are some in-stocked items still not shipped yet?

    Usually, we will ship within 7 days; but if there is any pre-order product that includes the same order, we will ship them all, once all items arrived in stock, which is the last shipping date in this order. To make sure travelers can receive their products as soon as possible, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND travelers put in-stocked and pre-order products in separate orders. (This shipping rule effects since August 1st, 2021.)

    Why are pre-order products and in-stocked products shipped separately? Don’t you state that you do not ship them separately?

    Due to the COVID-19 impact, we understand all travelers' situations, most items will have arrived very late. In order to get their favorite peripherals for travelers faster, the ACGGo operations team has decided to divide orders into reasonable shipments. After the order is shipped, travelers are requested to carefully check the delivery note sent with the package.

    Why other customers’ orders were shipped separately, but my order has not been shipped yet?

    We will calculate the shipping cost for each order, if the separate shipping costs are even over the product's value/profit, we will not ship the order separately. During the pandemic, in order to protect the consumer rights of travelers and receive the products as soon as possible, ACG Go has chosen to make profits and try to make the products available to every traveler without raising the selling price, and we will only reduce the profit of our own products, even without making money.

    I am a traveler who made a purchase on Etsyoutside the United States in the real world. Why did my order not ship for a long time?

    Please send an email to [email protected], including your the order’s situation, the country code, the phone number, and the order number together in this email. If you put an order on Etsy for a foreign address outside the U.S., we will not be able to ship out your order.
    Etsy will not provide us your phone number and email address for protecting customers’ information safely, but that
    information is required by the shipping carrier for the international packages. That’s why we cannot get in touch with you about the order, PLEASE CONTACT US! Thank you!

    My products have not shipped yet, why did I receive an email to let me write a review?

    The system will send out the review email, once the customer purchased after 14 days. Although the products are still in the pre-order stage, the system also will send this review email to you.
    If you received the review email:
    1.    It does not mean that is a system error.
    2.    It does not mean that your package is lost.
    3.    It means you made the payment successfully and we received your order already.

    Where can I track my pre-order status?

    You can visit the link below to track the status of your pre-order items:

    In the end, thank you for all travelers questions, for this delay issue we feel so sorry about it, please accept we sincerely apologize this time!

    If you meet any questions that were not listed above, we highly recommend you post your questions in our online Web Community for help and assistance. ACG Go’s operating team will try our best to support our customers and assist with the order issues.

    Thanks for all travelers‘ support and understanding, we offer a discount code for use which is effective through
    the whole year of 2021. Discount code: 【2021FIVE】. (¥5 Off Over $35)

    Recently, we released more new products pre-order of the Genshin Impact Version 2.1 soon, please stay tuned!

    你好,我们是ACG Go运营团队。

    Q 为什么周边的状态一直是预售?
    A 由于新冠疫情的影响,工厂生产效率降低,国际货运周期被拉长。在过去的几个月里,我们陆续从版权方那里收到了包括蹦蹦炸弹马克杯、锅巴碗等周边在内的订单,由于每一批次订单数量有限,部分周边会直接开启下一批预售,在抵达ACGGo仓库后会根据订单顺序进行发货。
    Q 为什么周边的预计到货时间越来越长?
    A 周边的预计到货时间=版权方给的出货时间+国际货运时间。但由于新冠疫情的影响,港口效率降低,预计1个月的国际货运周期被拉长,延长了旅行者收到周边的时间。6月底抵达洛杉矶港口的订单花了整整一个月才抵达ACG Go仓库;8月初有一批订单已经抵达洛杉矶港口正在等待清关;预计9月初抵达洛杉矶港口的商品正在中国港口等待出发。更多的周边仍在货运途中,感谢旅行者们的耐心等待。
    Q 我购买的周边什么时候可以发货?
    A 预售的周边在抵达ACG Go仓库后,会根据预售订单的顺序进行发货;有现货的周边会在下单后的7个工作日内发货,遇到订单数量堆积时,我们将根据旅行者的订单顺序进行发货,因此这个时间可能会延长,请旅行者们耐心等待。
    Q 为什么有现货的订单没有发货?
    A 通常情况下,会以上一条的时间进行发货,如果同笔订单中含预售周边,则需订单中所有周边抵达ACGGo仓库后才会发货,即以最晚出货时间发货。为了旅行者能尽快的收到周边,建议将现货商品与预售商品分开下单。
    Q 为什么含有预售周边与现货周边的订单发货了?
    A 由于新冠疫情的影响,为了能让旅行者能更快的拿到心仪的周边,经ACGGo运营团队决定,对订单进行合理的分单发货。订单发货后请旅行者们仔细核对随包裹寄到的货单。
    Q 为什么别人的订单分开发货了,但是我的订单就不能分开发货?
    我们会计算每个订单的运费成本,如果运费的成本甚至超过了商品的价值或利润,我们不会分开发货。在疫情期间,为了保障旅行者的消费权益,尽快收到产品,ACG Go已经选择让利,在不提升售价的情况下,尽量让每个旅行者都可以买到产品,我们只会降低自己的产品利润,甚至不赚钱。
    Q 我是国外的旅行者,为什么我的订单没有发货?
    请向[email protected]发送邮件,说明您的订单情况,并附带订单号和您的手机号。如果您在Etsy平台购买的商品,并且收货地址不在美国。我们无法将订单寄出,因为寄国际快递必须要顾客的手机号码,否则无法寄出。Etsy平台不会向卖家单独提供顾客的手机号码和电子邮件,因此我们没有办法主动与您取得联系。
    Q 我没有收到商品,为什么收到了评价邮件?
    Q 能在哪里追踪我订购的周边信息?

    如果遇到了其他问题,欢迎在论坛中发帖交流,ACG Go运营团队将以最大的努力为旅行者们带去正版周边!
    近期会上架V2.0 & V2.1版本节目中预告的新周边,敬请期待。

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    Anime, Comics, Game Go!
    I wasn't sent any email from ACG Go whatsoever, but the payment was successful and I have the receipt, was my order received correctly?
    8-29-2021 23:24:46 Reply
    Hi! I was wondering by chance when you’re planning on sending the tracking information?

    Also I noticed that other shops that was also selling the Klee mug were able to receive and ship their products out in early March of this year. Do you have a statement on why that may be that it took you till August to only receive 150 lots?

    A TikTok as evidence:
    8-29-2021 23:26:39 Reply
    @cloroxbleach I agree with you. They say covid is the issue but like. Other shops have already received their Klee mugs, the ZhongLi and Childe plushies, and the Gouba ramen bowls, all many months ago. I’m confused what’s taking them so much time.

    They say it’s because of Los Angeles Port which may be the issue, but I don’t live there so idk. I think there’s another Genshin shop located in the US and they ship pretty quickly. ACG-GO has also stated earlier that they don’t have enough workers. I hope they solve this issue as well in the future, since they have so many orders and only having a few workers will not be a nice look in the future… Also, I understand COVID-19 has a huge impact in the world but shipping has gotten better now in Asia.

    Finally, I ordered the Genshin limited edition OST and I looked at the website they said for tracking info and it says the “first batch” arrived in China. I wish they specify more on who is in the first batch and stuff in the future because I have no idea which batch I’m in because I ordered recently. I also wish they would inform us how many batches they will recieve. I’m kind of confused. Do they order all at once or do they order when someone orders… I hope they clarify this all later. Also, one limited edition OST all weighs 2 kg, (source is from someone who already received theirs from China) which is 4 pounds, and I doubt they can ship out a lot of them in the “first batch”. If they send out 100 of them it’ll be 400 pounds. I’m guessing mine with be sent in 2021 with this pace…
    8-29-2021 23:27:35 Reply
    Hi, I was told weeks ago that two of the products I purchased were received and that I would “receive my package shortly” with the third item being shipped when it arrived but I haven’t heard anything since
    8-29-2021 23:28:27 Reply
    been waiting for over half a year and still no word, i having huge regets over this store

    9-5-2021 22:05:31 Reply
    10-21-2023 18:15:17 Reply
    10-21-2023 18:16:19 Reply
    11-7-2023 13:25:49 Reply
    11-7-2023 13:26:52 Reply
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