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    [Resolved] No emails from ACGGO, but successful payment? Reply
    From Topic: Order Issue Only Author
    Demi Lv7 Author 8-29-2021 23:47:17
    Hi, I ordered the Klee mug and Venti OST Bundle a while back on the 11th of June, but I never got any mails from ACGGO at all. The only thing that was sent on the day of order was the mail from Square Pay, saying that my info was saved and remembered if I ever do order something again. Was my order placed and received properly, or maybe even cancelled? I'm kinda nervous if it might've not been processed, as I'm really looking forward to them... I have the online receipt as the money was taken too..

    Hello, @Demi
    All pre-order products will be shipped one by one according to the order dates. All in-stocked products can be shipped within 7 days. If we are experiencing a lot of orders that can be shipped at the same time, we will try our best to keep working on packaging and shipping, please wait to be inpatient for some days. Thanks!
    Usually, we will ship within 7 days; but if there is any pre-order product that includes the same order, we will ship them all, once all items arrived in stock, which is the last shipping date in this order. To make sure travelers can receive their products as soon as possible, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND travelers put in-stocked and pre-order products in separate orders. (This shipping rule effects since August 1st, 2021.)
    You can visit the link below to track the status of your pre-order items:

    Best wishes,
    ACG Go Team

    Anime, Comics, Game Go!
    8-31-2021 07:17:57 Reply
    Demi Lv7 Author 2ND
    Ah yes, but was my order received properly? I didnt get any mail from ACG Go specifically? Only from Square Pay. I have the receipt too, so it was probably ordered?

    9-1-2021 02:36:07 Reply
    Demi replied at 2021-9-1 02:36
    Ah yes, but was my order received properly? I didnt get any mail from ACG Go specifically? Only from ...

    Hello, Demi
    The system will notify the customer by mail when the item is sent from the ACG-Go warehouse.

    The system will send out the review email, once the customer purchased after 14 days. Although the products are still in the pre-order stage, the system also will send this review email to you.
    If you received the review email:
    1.    It does not mean that is a system error.
    2.    It does not mean that your package is lost.
    3.    It means you made the payment successfully and we received your order already.

    Best Wishes,
    ACG Go Team
    Anime, Comics, Game Go!
    9-1-2021 10:27:16 Reply
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    Demi Lv 7

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