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    [Resolved] RE: Order No. 1026805490 in stock + shipping date Reply
    From Topic: Order Issue Only Author
    daikoncake Lv1 Author 9-8-2021 10:59:46
    I was wondering if there's an estimate for when the Rex Lapis plush will be in stock and when it will ship? I've checked the airtable shipping list for this item and it has not been updated since may of this year. On the description of the item it says it will be able to ship approximately this month.

    Please let me know!
    Hello @daikoncake,

    Apologize for the late response. Our system shows that your package was delivered successfully. Please let us know if you did not receive the package and you want to file a package claim.

    ACG Go
    9-29-2021 17:09:42 Reply
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    daikoncake Lv 1

    Lazy bone, nothing existed. _(:3」∠)_

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